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Pastor Matthew, A Letter of Appreciation

I deem it a great privilege to express my loving gesture to you for dedicating and availing yourselves to sacrifice to support the propagating of the gospel in Ghana. I highly cherished and appreciated every effort you and your committed team invested in the ministry here. Your coming to Ghana was a massive support and encouragement. Your benevolent support put a big smile on the faces of many regarding both physical and spiritual needs which were met.  Though the trip was full of challenges, yet our God unlocked all hindrances to pave a way for your coming.  I believe the devil saw the great results ahead of time. He, therefore, strived hard to stop you and the team from coming.

You really demonstrated unconditional love to me and my ministry. By your great effort and sacrifice, a lot of lost souls were saved for the glory of God.  In fact,  you ministered a lot to me.  Your ministry informs me of your earnest passion, love, kindness, and mercy for wholeheartedly assisting in any way you could to help propagate the gospel not even only in America but beyond.  It also tells me of your generosity and kindheartedness to the things of God. There are billions upon billions that are still without Christ. I believe by your readiness and greatest concern and love to be of a sacrifice to support the ministry in Ghana through clinics. Many lost souls will continue to save by the power of God.

I have no words to show my profound gratitude and loving gesture to you for the amazing financial support you rendered to help me repair the van which was broken on our way back to Tamale. All that I could say is may God continue to bless you abundantly in all things.

May He grant you and the medical team unity, love, grace, and mercy from above.  Once again, I greatly thank you so much in Jesus’ name!

It is my prayer and hope that one day, the love of the Lord that binds us through Christ, will bring us together in the presence of the Lord, where distance and language will no more be barriers, but we will sing melodious songs of praise to glorify God.

This picture is the result of the clinics done in Ghana. I interacted with them all and they told me they got through the soul winners. I’m praying for your next trip to Ghana in 2023 if God permits.

In His service,
Mathew Yennaah


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